Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

I’ve lived in my fair share of expensive cities Paris, London, Hong Kong and Singapore and though I love living on the other side of the pond there’s something that always pulls me back to the united states although the United States isn’t immune to cities that’ll clean your wallet out, in fact, some of the world’s most expensive cities are found in the good old United States.

Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

Today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive cities in America we’ll look at the average cost of living to compare to the houses you can buy and decide whether they’re worth living in altogether.

Washington DC
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

5. Washington DC

Are the nation’s capital home to a million museums some white building whose name is escaping me and really Expensive homes the median home price in Washington dc is $556,000 compared to the United State’s median of $247,000 and what exactly does a home look like in Washington DC well for comparison we’ll look at homes that cost half a million dollars in all the cities on our list.

In DC you can find this three-bedroom two-bath condo for 500,000 dollars, not a house a condo the living room is rather small or cozy as a real estate agent would say but it does have hardwood floors the living room and kitchen are an open concept through the kitchen is a galley kitchen it does have state-of-the-art appliances upstairs there you’ll find the three bedrooms all of which are rather small there is paid parking available and the condo is pet friendly.

Washington DC House Price
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

So you can get a furry friend to keep you company in the big city and if you can’t buy well renting isn’t a whole lot better a studio apartment will run you on average fourteen hundred and twenty-four dollars since that is the average there is a lot that is more expensive like this studio for rent for $1475 a month for example.

Washington DC Houses
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

I have to say I remember my studio days back when I was starting my businesses and I don’t remember them too fondly if a studio isn’t quite your style you can check out a four-bedroom apartment which will run you 2,709 a month on average but housing isn’t the only expensive thing in Washington DC.

Groceries are 14 more expensive in dc than the united states average a whole gallon of milk will run you about three dollars and 63 cents a gallon that all being said dc does have its perks the median household income in DC is 85,203 dollars compared to the national average of sixty-three thousand one hundred and seventy-nine dollars there are over 80 museums and monuments in dc that you can visit in your free time meaning you’ll rarely run out of fun educational experiences in the city.

Boston Massachusetts Bean Town
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

4. Boston Massachusetts Bean Town

The city where the united states dumped tea in a harbor the red sox broke their curse and where people like to drink a lot there you can take a duck tour in the harbor during the day listen to some Boston accents along the way and then head to one of the city’s main Irish pubs at night but if you want to do that you might want to make sure you’ve got some money in the bank the cost of living in Boston is 62% higher than the rest of the nation, healthcare alone is 32% higher than the nation’s average with a standard doctor checkup running around $150.

Boston Massachusetts Bean Town House Price
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

However their groceries are the cheapest on the list a mere 14% higher than the united states median a gallon of milk will only run you about 3.26 though if I were you I’d suggest buying some cocoa with your milk for those freezing Boston winters but housing is where you’ll take a real dent in your paycheck Boston is one of the oldest cities in America.

Boston Massachusetts Bean Town Houses
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

Which means there can be a problem both finding and constructing modern housing the median cost of a new home is 632,000 dollars which is a bit hard to believe especially because the median household income is around 10 of that so what kind of humble abode will half a million dollars by you in Boston well this 1417 square foot three bedroom three bath condo inside you’ll find a fairly modern kitchen where you can cook up some lobster rolls and baked beans a living room with a fireplace that will certainly come in handy and three fairly small bedrooms rent also doesn’t come easy in Boston averaging $22,049 dollars per month.

In addition to the lack of housing, these prices are also driven up by the number of people moving into the city since 2010 the city’s population has increased by 10 percent but there’s a reason so many people are moving to good old bean town as I said earlier the town is full of bars and entertainment as well as several historic monuments museums and prestigious universities.

Honolulu Hawaii
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

3. Honolulu Hawaii

When you think of cities chances are you generally think about the high-rise buildings overlooking parks but what about a tiny building overlooking this sparkling ocean well if the second option sounds better to you the number three on this list might be the city for you.

Honolulu Hawaii that is if you have a fat wallet the cost of living in Honolulu is 89.7% higher than the nation’s average and there’s really no mystery why Hawaii is 2500 miles away from the continental united states and shipping goods there is no small task building materials vehicles and necessities like oil cost a fortune to shop to the island the median cost of a home in Honolulu is $705,505 and the average income is $82,900 most of the homes in Honolulu aren’t new builds either which is something to take into consideration if that cost of living doesn’t scare you too much.

Honolulu Hawaii Houses
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

Well you can scoop up this house for half a million dollars at only 666 square feet this home is far below the average house size in the united states but they did manage to squeeze three bedrooms and one bathroom into it here you can see the living room and kitchen which is well cozy the kitchen leaves a lot to be desired for the price.

I guess you’re paying to be near the beach the bedrooms are all very small but you can choose to spend your time outside on your back patio which is a perfect spot to stash your surfboards or do your laundry aside from your mortgage payments it’s important to factor in your utilities which are 76% higher than the nation’s average and the highest expense for utilities on our list groceries are 38 more expensive than average with a gallon of milk costing a startling $6.44.

San Francisco California
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

2. San Francisco California

The runner-up for the most expensive city in the united states is a city that knows how to party home of the golden gate bridge hippies and the most absurd housing costs in the nation by a long shot the median home price in san Francisco is $952,400 almost a million.

San Francisco California House Price
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

The primary reason for this is the lack of housing in San Francisco because the city is built on a peninsula there is only so much room for houses and apartments and they ran out a long time ago housing is incredibly hard to come by and the city’s proximity to booming silicon valley drives the cost of living through the roof so what are you looking at buying if you have half a million dollars to burn in san Francisco.

San Francisco California Houses
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

How about this one bedroom one bath apartment it’s 400 square feet although that one bedroom is a bit debatable since the bedroom is actually located in a loft above the living space the kitchen is exactly what you’d expect in a place like this which basically means you’ll be eating out a lot the living room is certainly tiny but I suppose in a city like San Fran you won’t have to be home often surprisingly utilities are some of the cheapest on our list and come in at less than the national average part of this is due to the pleasant climate of San Francisco which rarely gets too hot or too cold.

New York
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

1. New York

New York surely you knew this city was coming and you probably knew it was going to be at the top of this list the most expensive city in the united states is this city where dreams are made where rats feast on pizza in the streets and where you can eat Pakistani Scandinavian fusion cuisine while looking at the statue of liberty that’s right we’re talking about new York in the big apple the cost of living is 154% higher than the national average groceries are 16 percent more expensive utilities are 50 percent more expensive and transportation is 80 percent more expensive surprisingly.

New York House Prices
Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

However, rent is cheaper than it is in San Francisco the median cost of a house in the five boroughs is $652,000 which is actually less than San Fran and Honolulu for half a million dollars you could scoop up this three bedrooms one bathhouse in Brooklyn that being said the inside of the home does leave a bit to be desired like solid walls doors and windows but hey fixer-uppers are in right the home has a large kitchen and three large bedrooms though they do need quite a lot of repairs on the upside the home does come with some artwork.

That all being said there’s a reason people move to New York there are very few cities in the united states that have so much diversity history opportunities and great pizza as new York city so there you have it the most expensive cities in the United States what city do you live in and do you think the cost is too expensive.

Most Expensive Cities of the United States in 2020

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