03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

I have to be honest with you I’m quite the fan of themed hotel rooms there’s something magical about staying in a luxurious room that transports you to another time another place or even embraces you in an aesthetic that you aren’t normally accustomed to and on top of that it looks great on the gram well as the kids say but there’s one experience I’ve had that tops all the others because there is nothing quite like laying in your plush king-sized hotel bed and watching a shark swim inches away from you behind a layer of glass.

03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

Well, today we’re going to take a look at the most luxurious underwater hotel rooms we’re going to see what all the fuss is about talking about their insane price, and even take a look at a room I have a personal experience with.

Atlantis the Palm Dubai
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

1. Atlantis the Palm Dubai

Oh, Dubai if you’re looking to experience an absurd kind of luxury that you can’t find anywhere else do yourself a favor and hop on a jet to dXB, it makes sense that one of the most opulent and impressive underwater rooms would be in Dubai but it makes even more sense when you realize those rooms are in Atlantis the palm.

I mean just look at the place made to resemble the fabled lost city itself the hotel has a flare of the dramatic here you can go to slide down a water slide underwater through an aquarium full of sharks you can swim with dolphins and even sleep underwater that is if you have the money for it during peak season the fancy underwater suites at the palm can go for $8,200 per night, however, if you land there on a Wednesday during the off-season you might be able to snag a room for the low of $4,000 for a night away.

Atlantis the Palm Dubai Per Night Cost
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

Well, that’s pretty steep so what exactly do you get for the price besides sleeping with the fishes well the underwater suites at the palm aren’t just ordinary rooms they span three stories with multiple living areas a state-of-the-art kitchen three bedrooms, and a massive formal staircase that connects well everything the main living area isn’t underwater but it is a two-story room that looks out over the water where you may occasionally see a shark fin or two pop up but downstairs is where things get really interesting.

There you’ll find a lounge area which gives you stunning views of the 3 million gallon aquarium that surrounds you filled with more than 65,000 sea creatures the aquarium has everything from seahorses to sharks to your good friend’s tori and Nemo but the bedroom is where the aquarium truly shines the master suite has a king-sized bed that faces a floor-to-ceiling aquarium window a small sitting area gives you a place to sip your morning coffee or have your food delivered right to you.

Atlantis the Palm Dubai View
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

After all with the sweet you get a 24-hour personal butler that is there to tend to your every desire they can bring you every meal in your room or even tend to you while you relax in the suites private shisha room with a traditional flair the room gives you a place to puff on some hookah and to watch television or if you’d prefer they can bring you fresh flowers with your Jacuzzi soak in the master bathroom there the posh bathtub sits against the aquarium window allowing you to wash your troubles away while swimming with the sharks beside you.

So sure the underwater room is pretty cool but that isn’t all you get with your stay when you book the suite you’re given two complimentary massages in the palms fancy spa you also get a free personal training session a private cabana by the pool beach and water park two dolphin encounters and of course free airport transfers.

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

2. Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

If fancy smash looking resorts aren’t your style well perhaps you’d appreciate something a bit more eclectic something that only exists in one place in the entire world something that’ll make you feel like you’re in blade runner or on alderman or something maybe something like the intercontinental shanghai wonderland.

This is the world’s only underground and underwater hotel it was built in an abandoned quarry and cost a whopping 300 million dollars to build so it’s no surprise that the underwater rooms can go for between $2,000 to $6,000 per night made to resemble a waterfall the hotel works to organically reflect the surrounding sea there are 16 floors with rooms for guests two of which are underwater and six of those underwater suites are surrounded by their own private aquarium full of unique fish and features the duplex suite.

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Per Night Cost
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

The most exclusive of all the rooms feature a main bedroom as well as two children’s rooms the top floor overlooks the beautiful lake in front of the hotel and even has a balcony with box seating that gives you a private view of the hotel’s nightly water show.

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Rooms
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

That rivals that of the Bellagio the sleek designs of the room are minimalist with warm touches of bamboo and neutral-colored furniture however that minimalism fades as you enter the sitting rooms and bedrooms all of which have floor-to-ceiling aquarium windows tinged blue with beautiful driftwood and pottery the aquarium is almost like watching a live art display in motion.

The suite comes with 24-hour butler service and a free access to all the amenities the hotel has to offer including the rock climbing wall if you’ve never rock climbed beside a waterfall well intercontinental shanghai wonderland gives you just that opportunity and though this has nothing to do with the underwater aspect of the hotel it’d be wrong for me to not mention this steampunk-themed bar called Cory bar this watering hall has all the drinks and aesthetics you’ll need to stay entertained.

The Maraca
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

3. The Maraca

The most luxurious underwater hotel room of all time is one I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on more than one occasion it combines luxurious experience opulent furnishings and an unreal environment to create the ultimate underwater experience come journey with me to the maraca in the Maldives just make sure you bring $50,000 with you because that’s how much this room costs per night.

The Moroccan was painstakingly built in Singapore for a startling 15 million dollars then transported to the beautiful Maldives the two-story building has a bedroom that is nestled 16 feet underneath the crystal-clear blue waves of the tropical ocean with 180-degree views of the stunning ocean you can kick back in your king-sized bed and watches starfish sea horses and turtles.

The Maraca Per Day Cost
03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

Thrive in a coral reef surrounding you the bedroom and an en-suite bathroom are the only rooms on the lower level which can be accessed via a spiral staircase or an elevator upstairs there are two massive bedrooms each with its own private deck and bathroom your guests can lounge in a bubble bath and watch the ocean waves from the floor to ceiling windows.

Beside the Jacuzzi tub outside there are many decks and infinity pools to choose from you can lounge in the sun or have your dinner served alfresco by the professional chef that’ll be there to whip you up to fresh meals for your entire trip and I can say the meals this chef cooks are some of the best I’ve ever had of course your stay also comes with a 24-hour butler and a personal fitness trainer who can use the full gym to keep you in shape.

Of course, there is plenty more fun to be had at the maraca the trip comes with jet skis kayaks, and boats that you can use anytime you’d like allowing you to make the most out of your vacation so there you have it the most luxurious underwater hotel rooms in the world.

03 Most Luxurious Underwater Hotel Rooms in the World

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